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       We provide application design and implementation services to build and manage scalable and flexible architecture in response to our clients' business needs. Since technology is what provides dynamism to business functionality on the Internet, while building the application architecture, we consider issues like scalability and security of the system along with the functionality requirements and the development tools. The result is a system that has the flexibility to grow and adapt to the pace of the digital economy.

Web Programming

         We are extremely proficient at programming for websites and web-based applications. Our expertise spans server-side programming (including Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages (JSP), PHP, Cold Fusion), to client-side programming (VBscript, Javascript, DHTML). Our delivery processes ensure that the code written by us is error-free, well documented, and scalable. We use cutting-edge technology frameworks like Dot Net and XML to ensure that the best-of-the-breed technology is incorporated into the work that we do.

Content Management

         We believe that websites are about content. The primary use of the web in business is the sharing of information between an organization and its customers, and among its employees and strategic partners. However, to be effective, this information must be:

         This may sound simple, but the continual maintenance of site content is a task that stalls because the people responsible for creating the content (e.g. sales and marketing) are not enabled to directly place that content on the web.

         M4 Services creates a customized content management system for its customers so that website content can stay refreshed at all times through. Our solutions allow content creators to securely manage content on their websites without having to learning programming. Updated content yields a high return-on-investment, it encourages users of a website to revisit the website for fresh content.

Custom Solutions

         We develop and deploy solutions after capturing and analysing system requirements. We build solutions on the Object Oriented Programming technology, distributed cross-platform communication using .NET, COM+, enterprise wide content and data distribution using common databases and data standards implemented with XML, middleware and message queuing. Our approach enables us to enhance and maintain productivity in our software development process.

Database Development

         As business on the web gets more serious, there is a need to create, maintain and store large amounts of consumer and business data. We enable our customers to not only develop large, scalable databases that allow for fast capture and retrieval of information, but also integrate existing databases with online databases.

         Getting the database up and running is just one part of the picture. To make sense of the data residing in the database, we use integrated Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) services to perform sophisticated analysis on large and complex relational databases. Our data warehousing and data mining capabilities provide business intelligence solutions that lets users store data in a multidimensional data warehouse and use OLAP tools to retrieve historical information in meaningful ways.

Intranets / Extranets

         Web and Internet-based technologies are increasingly being used to bring employees, vendors, partners together in order to streamline HR and business processes. We can help you leverage these for bringing in greater efficiencies.

         Intranets bring employees together providing instant access to policies & procedures, online training and information sharing. We integrates your existing systems and new knowledge-management-repositories, with the latest tools and technologies, including: Interactive training programs; Streaming Media delivery, Electronic Forms, Inter-office bulletin boards, Discussion groups, and Central warehousing and distribution of media and files.

         Extranets are network applications that let your company use the Internet for secure business relationships with partners, suppliers and customers. With Extranets, businesses gain the competitive advantage of extending their internal systems to external business partners, while making sure that the security of the information and it's access is controlled and maintained. Extranets have a wide range of applications and can be used by companies like banks, financial firms, software and technology firms, digital media and publishing companies, manufacturing companies, services companies...

Application Integration

         Integration of off-the-shelf readymade solutions greatly reduces your time to market, but very often requires the business processes to adapt to the workflow of the vendor solution. We can adapt your system requirements to that of the solution to enable your business to derive the maximum benefit from the product and the reduced development timelines. We support an extensive platform solution set, including:

Website Designing

         The success of a website revolves around the user's experience while visting the site. Whether it is simply browsing, gathering information or making a transaction, the user must take away a feeling of ease and satisfaction. It is this positive take away that ensures that the user returns to the site again and again, thus ensuring a long-term relationship.

         An intuitive navigation supported by a distinctive and memorable interface go a long way in building a relationship with the users. Today, with sites expected to perform ever more complex functions, creating a pleasing and usable site is the key to survival in the digital marketplace. Module one offers expertise in shaping the user experience according to your business needs.

Our creative services cover the following areas:

User Interface Design

         We believe that good design is more than just that. A good design is created with a specific result in mind -- to elicit a particular response from the user. Whether that response is as simple as getting newsletter subscription or the all-important final step in an e-commerce transaction, user interface is the main catalyst in these situations. Which is why you need more than just good design; you need a functional, user-oriented interface that delivers the results.

         We believe in creating interfaces that are a balance between the heart and the mind. Apart from the visual appeal and branding requirements, the interfaces do full justice to the functional requirements demanded from them. The user interface forms the bridge between the user and the technological back-end that is the backbone of all business sites today.

Information Architecture

         Information Architecture draws from the architectural principles of space and movement, translating them to the Web environment. It is essentially the method of creating, structuring and organizing information according to predefined levels or categories; and makes it easy for users to scent out the information they are looking for.

         Movement is an essential part of the web experience and any movement becomes difficult unless there are clearly defined paths or guides. A solid Information Architecture creates these paths and guides the user through them. Sites with a well thought out Information Architecture are easy to use, thus prompting user-loyalty.

         At Module One, usability is the key focus of our work. A sturdy Information Architecture creates the framework for usability. In developing Information Architecture we study the goals of both the user and the client and understand their needs.

Content Strategy and Development

         Content is king. We believe that compelling content is critical in sustaining user interest, enhancing user recall of a brand and increasing revisits to a website.

         We formulate content strategies with the aim to develop a website's content based on information architecture to optimize the user experience of the website. Content strategy helps to create and define a consistent and optimal user experience of a website, a product/service, an organization and a brand.

         We research, collate and create content with attention to user-interest, navigation and contextual relevance. This culminates in content prototypes developed for key pages so that information architecture, design and interface come together to create a wholesome user experience.

Usability Testing

         A critical and often overlooked component of Internet presence is usability. A website is a collection of interacting and interdependent parts that are organized in a particular manner to meet specified objectives (like brand enhancement, communication).

         At M4 Services, we conduct usability testing to find out whether a website meets its intended purpose. Usability testing is an empirical exercise that reveals if the website objectives are being met or not. This involves observation, recording and analysis of the process of the website being used by intended target audience. The main outcomes of usability testing include a list of usage-level problems and corrective recommendations